Antihydral cream 70g no box

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For use on the skin to drastically help reduce the amount the skin sweats. Ideal for climbing and no more sweaty handshakes.

Size: 70g
Expiration Date: 2025
Manufacturer: Robugen GmbH
Formulation: Cream
Made in Germany

Brand new without box. Will be shipped in cardboard box + bubble protection. Tube is manufactured sealed and brand new.

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Antihydral 70g cream, brand new. Does not come in original box (but will be shipped in a cardboard box and wrapped in bubble protection). Tube is manufactured sealed and brand new.


What is Antihydral®?
Antihydral is an ointment for use on the skin and helps reduce the amount the skin sweats. It is used for heavy perspiration, especially for foot, hand and underarm sweating.

The ideal product for climbersAntihydra reduces the amount that the skin sweats and increases friction between the skin and rock or plastic. It allows the skin to remain tougher for longer and results in fewer days off waiting for your skin to recover.

No more sweaty handshakes!

Just one little dab of cream will last for hours to help you be in control of how much your skin sweats.

How to use Antihydral
All you need is one little dab of cream and your hands will stay bone dry.

Rub one little dab of cream onto the affected area (for example, your hands). Your hands will stay bone dry for hours or even up to days. The amount of time this product will remain effective will varies from person to person.

Antihydral’s 70g tube will easily last you all year .


Contraindictations and additional information
Contraindications: Antihydral® should not be used on weeping or blistered skin changes.

6 reviews for Antihydral cream 70g no box

  1. anna

    I had problems with foot odor for years. I used this cream for 3 weeks and the problems were gone. I also did not have to apply it again later. The soles of the feet will probably dry out a lot, but after the treatment it normalizes again.

  2. F. Bortz

    It is superb for the feet. Rub in slowly between the toes and so on, let it act and dry out for about 10 min. It holds for several days and no problems with the clothes. I’ve used this cream for almost 20 years (active handball player).

  3. J. Fischer

    The ointment is insane!! It helps immediately and it’s 100% effective. Be careful not to overdo it with the application. If you apply just the right dose, one has guaranteed dry hands and that’s what it’s about, right? So if you have an appointment or you know that you have to shake hands, then just apply Antihydral the night before and the next day you can finally shake hands without any embarrassing feelings.

  4. ring33

    Thanks to this ointment, I can shake hands worry-free. I’ve been using it for many years and whenever it starts again with the endless sweating I use it for a few days. The only thing is that the skin can really get very dry. But there are good moisturizers for that. And that’s much better than keeping your hands wet!

  5. Sylvia J.

    I use the ointment on my face and thighs as I sweat a lot. My dermatologist recommended this to me before trying medication. And I’m pleasantly surprised – no more constant sweat after just 6-7 days of use. I’m happy. My skin tolerates the cream really well. I don’t like the smell but luckily, you don’t smell it as soon as the ointment comes into contact with your skin.

  6. Anna Mayer

    I am totally excited and can hardly believe it. It is the only remedy that really helps. The price is also great. Even after the second application, changes were seen. I use this cream for the hands and feet. The cream is absorbed well and you can feel a tightening of the skin. I leave it over the night and in the morning I wash off the white residue. Whenever I feel like I have sweaty hands and I look at my hands, they were dry! I have to get used to that. Never again without this ointment !!!

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