Bepanthen Liquid Solution 50ml

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Bepanthen Liquid Solution has new packaging! Our stock of Bepanthen Liquid Solution comes directly from the manufacturer in Germany and the packaging is exactly the same as the packaging for Bepanthen Liquid Solution currently sold in stores in Germany.

For preventing hair loss, treatment of minor wounds of the skin and mouth, treatment of brittle nails and dry skin. With Vitamin B5.

Size: 50ml
Expiration Date: 2026

Manufacturer: Bayer GmbH
Formulation: Liquid Solution
Made in Germany

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Bepanthen Liquid Solution 50ml, brand new in original box. Contains Bepanthol, Panthenol and Vitamin B5.

Bephanthen Liquid Solution is doctor recommended* and clinically proven to treat weak and lifeless hair and prevent hair loss. Bepanthen Liquid Solution heals minor injuries to the skin and oral mucosa and repairs dry, brittle nails.


What is Bepanthen Liquid Solution?
For Hair

Bepanthen Liquid Solution is clinically proven and formulated to successfully prevent hair loss and significantly strengthen hair roots to reduce falling up to 80%. It provides impressive hydrating properties for damaged hair and naturally gives hair a protective film. It reduces itching from a dry scalp and stimulates pigmentation of hair and can help slow the onset of gray hair.

For Mouth and minor injuries to the outer skin

Bepanthen Liquid Solution speeds up the healing of wounds and burns and promotes the healing of mucosal lesions in the oral cavity while preventing inflammation.

For Skin

Bephanthen Liquid Solution deeply penetrates your skin and effectively retains moisture deep within the skin’s tissues. When used over a period of time, it provides an anti-inflammtory effect on skin and speeds up the healing of wounds, burns and inflammation on the scalp.

For Nails

Bephanthen Liquid Solution naturally protects and repairs damaged nails and provides impressive hydrating effects on dry, brittle nails.

Vitamin B5

Containing Vitamin B5, Bephanthen Liquid Solution can be used as a key ingredient for making the Brazilian Shampoo Bomba, which is known for its impressive success as a hair growth recipe.


How to use Bephanthen Liquid Solution
For hair: Apply the liquid solution to the roots every day. Bephanthen Liquid Solution can be spread by hand or spread with the help of a comb to the hair. Alternatively, use a spray bottle to spray Bephanthen Liquid Solution to the hair root every day.

For skin and nails: Apply the liquid solution to the area every day. Bephanthen Liquid Solution can be spread by head to the skin. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball with the solution and apply directly. For eyelashes and small areas, you can apply using a cotton swab/cotton bud.

For mouth: In the mouth you can use Bepanthen liquid solution undiluted or diluted 1: 1 with tea or lukewarm water. It is recommended to use Bepanthen liquid solution diluted. Rinse the diluted or undiluted solution once or several times a day (do not swallow).

The liquid solution can also be added to your face mask, shampoo and conditioner.


Healing Properties of Bepanthen Liquid Solution
Bephanthen is present in all living cells, which makes it the perfect ingredient for natural and effective healing.

Moisturizes, penetrates and naturally protects the hair shaft

The wonderful and impressive affinity of Bephanthen on the hair is a well known secret in the beauty industry. Bephanthen is a major consisteuent of our hair and is a natural material with numerous benefits for your hair and hair shaft.

Bephanthen penetrates deep into the hair cortex. When left on the hair for 5 minutes or more, it helps gives hair more body. Bephanthen naturally protects hair, by naturally creating a film of moisture on the hair shaft and has the ability to regulate moisture content. It is clinically proven to increase resistance to damage and brittleness.

Hydrating and moisturizing effects of Bephanthen on the skin

When Bephanthen is applied to the skin, it results in a conversion to Pantothenic Acid. This acid is readily absorbed by the skin, which means that this all important ingredient ptenetrates deep down into the lower layers of the epidermis.

Pantothenic acid works as a humectant, by infusing water in the cells, retaining moisture deep within the skins’ tissues and provides an impressive hydrating and extremely moisturizing effect. Clinical research has shown that when Bephanthen Liquid Solution is regularly used over a period of four weeks or more, it takes on an anti-inflammatory role, relieving systemic itching and also helping to sooth a dry, irritated skin.

Nail care

A number of studies have shown that that Bephanthen Liquid Solution works well with keratin, a protein found within our skin and nails. Bephanthen Liquid Solution can penetrate deeply into the nail plate to protect and repair soft, damaged nails. It is extremely hydrating on dry, brittle nails.


Other specifics:
Manufacturer: Bayer

Made in Germany

12 reviews for Bepanthen Liquid Solution 50ml

  1. marion mckeown

    I flushed my mouth with the bepanthen solution when I had a tooth infection and that helped me heal much faster. I have also used the solution to clean small wounds (finger cuts etc.). I’d recommend it.

  2. countess

    I’ve been using this moisturizing hair treatment on my hair and the results are unequivocal. I recommend adding a lid full to the amount of hydrating hair mask you are going to use (always use a plastic spoon or comb to take it out of the pot, never your fingers!). Best moisturizing product ever!

  3. S. Watson

    I have been using this mixed with water and found this product helps encourage hair growth. This is after one year of use. I’d recommend this product.

  4. Helena

    Cannot live without this wonderful solution. I mix with all my hair creams because this is the key to have a beautiful hair. Buy and feel beautiful with your hair all the time.

  5. Jasmin

    My mother needs extra oxygen through her nose 24 hours a day so she has very irritated nasal mucous membranes. She puts several drops of the Bepanthen to the distilled water of her oxygen tank. With Bepanthen solution, her nasal mucous membrane is not irritated anymore.

  6. Inka F.

    I think the solution works quite well in the mouth. It’s better tolerated if diluted and I’d also recommend for gingivitis.

  7. bee137

    I was recommended this solution from acquaintances. I bit my inside lip and it was extremely inflamed. Eating food was very painful. When I flushed my mouth with the Bepanthen solution, the wound healed very quickly. Especially in the mouth, a solution is easier to handle than a cream. I can recommend this for aches and pains of this kind!

  8. Daniela Hofmaier

    You can use the Bepanthen solution in many ways. It helps me with sunburn or reddened skin. I have also used it for careful rinsing or dabbing of abrasions or inflammation of the oral mucosa.

  9. andrea peukert

    Bepanthen solution is versatile. I use it for inhalation or to treat minor injuries or burns. Furthermore, this solution can also be used to treat tooth whitening.

  10. Hillebrand

    My son often suffers from ear infections and runny noses, so he needs a lot of nasal spray. Since they’re almost all very dehydrating, I mix almost two-thirds Bepanthen liquid. It’s perfect for a cold nose.

  11. Reinhold

    We have always treated our little son’s wounds in the mouth area with this solution. Nothing else works for him. With Bepanthen solution, his wounds healed quickly and well! Top product!

  12. M Siegfried

    Amazing! I needed Bepanthen in liquid solution form quickly and this shop shipped out so fast. The bottle was packed really well and this seller has great prices and ships out so quick even during the holiday season.

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