Hirudoid Forte cream 100g

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Free expedited shipping with tracking to anywhere in the USA! Genuine Hirudoid Forte cream.
For healing bruises, sprains, scars and treating unsightly veins.

Size: 100g
Expiration Date: 12/2025
Manufacturer: STADA GmbH (Germany)
Formulation: Cream
Made in Germany

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Genuine Hirudoid Forte cream in 100g. Manufactured by the original manufacturer, not generic.

Manufacturer: STADA GmbH (Germany)/STADA Arzneimittel AG, owner of the Hirudoid® brand and products.

What is Hirudoid Forte?
Hirudoid Forte cream is formulated to heal bruises, scars, sprains and treat veins.

Free shipping on all orders in the USA. Hirudoid forte cream is formulated to treat bruises, scars, sprains and varicose veins. Fast relief for pain. Hirudoid Forte cream is clinically proven* to treat unsightly veins and scars and is clinically proven** to heal bruises and sprains faster by speeding up the healing process. It improves symptoms of pain, pressure and swelling of Varicose veins and spider veins.

This is why Hirudoid Forte cream has been recommended by doctors and pharmacists as a healing agent for decades.


Healing effects of Hirudoid Forte:
Success in the treatment of scars:Several studies have shown that Hirudoid Forte softens scars, increases flexibility of the scar tissue, reduces redness and results in a better cosmetic appearance.

Reduces the healing time of sprains:

The pain of sprains and other minor injuries is a common problem and frequently causes absence from work and hinders day-to-day activities of daily life. Hirudoid Forte increases the blood flow by dilating the peripheral blood vessels. This promotes speedier absorption of fluid from the tissues. In one study, 83% of patients who used Hirudoid Forte were fully mobile within one (1) week.

Anti-inflammatory effect on veins:

Doctors know about the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of Hirudoid Forte and recommend it for various inflammatory conditions of the veins. Symptoms are tired, painful legs with swelling and inflamed veins.


Healing properties of Hirudoid Forte:
Hirudoid Forte accelerates healing in the following ways:


– Tissue Regeneration properties
– Improves blood flow to the area
– Improves blood flow to the area
– Promotes tissue regeneration by increasing collagen and elastin fibres in the connective tissue matrix.
– Improves moisturizing capability of the skin by increasing the hyaluronic acid content
– Accelerates the absoption of bruises
– Reduces swelling and inflammation
– Anti-coagulant effects
– Anti-thrombotic properties
– Anti-phlogistic (Anti-inflammatory) properties
– Significantly improves the symptoms of Infusion Thrombophlebitis
– Helps relieve symptoms of Varicose Veins


Frequently Asked Questions
Hirudoid Forte cream is suitable for all ages.

Question: When can I start using Hirudoid Forte?

– It is best to start using Hirudoid Forte as soon as the problem has occurred

Question: How do I use Hirudoid Forte?

– Apply 3-5 cm of cream up to 4 times a day.
Massage gently into skin until absorbed. Do not apply on open wounds.

Question: Is there a maximum length of time that I can use Hirudoid Forte for?

– No, there is no limit on how long you can continue to use Hirudoid Forte.

Question: Can Hirudoid Forte be used on children?

– Yes, Hirudoid Forte can be used on children.

Question: Can I use Hirudoid Forte if I am on blood thinning medication e.g. Warfarin?

– Yes; because Hirudoid Forte remains in the layers of the skin, it can be used in conjunction with blood thinning medications such as Warfarin.

Question: Can Hirudoid Forte have any contraindications/side effects?

– There are no known contraindications or side effects to the use of Hirudoid Forte.


Other specifics:
Manufacturer: STADA GmBH (Germany)/STADA Arzneimittel AG (Germany)Made in Germany

Expiration Date: 12/2025

*In 2005, STADA Arzneimittel AG became the owner of the Hirudoid® brand and all Hirudoid® products in Europe after its agreement and transfer from Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited. STADA Arzneimittel AG has been the owner ever since 2005.

*based on a clinical study by Schone on 256 patients.

**based on a study by Larsson et al

8 reviews for Hirudoid Forte cream 100g

  1. imustar

    With hirudoid forte cream, I have had only good experiences with my vein discomfort (like heaviness, swollen legs and pain). Even with acute sports and accident injuries with bruises, I know nothing else that helps faster and better with bruises, even bruises from acute sports and accident injuries. It’s important that the cream is gently massaged.

  2. sandy mager

    My son fell over on his foot and was in severe pain. The doctor recommended us Hirudoid Forte cream and made a dressing with the cream. It worked really well overnight. Good value for the money.

  3. Heiko Roser

    I had a nasty bruise on my knee and I treated it and the swelling with Hirudoid forte. There is a rapid cooling and analgesic effect and there was major improvement after using it daily for a week.

  4. Cornelia Römer

    I have used this cream for 30 years. Bruises and bruises heal faster. Even after overexertion during sports or sore muscles, this works wonders.

  5. Leseratte M.

    Hirudoid forte cream has been around in our household as far as I can remember.
    Any minor injury, nail bed infection, abrasion, etc can be treated with it. The skin stays soft and there is hardly any scab. The cream does not burn and can be applied directly to the wound and gently massaged.
    I even use hirudoid forte cream with freshly expressed blackheads and inflamed pimples. It doesn’t heal faster with any other product and I’ve already tried a lot!
    When I had problems with sore fingertips, neither was my dermatologist nor the pharmacy was able to give me effective help. But I used this cream on my fingers for several days and the problem was permanently gone in no time!
    For me, this cream is a little miracle and belongs in every medicine chest!

  6. M.K.

    This cream is simply amazing for bruises and veins. In my experience, no other cream helps with veins as much as Hirudoid forte does. My varicose veins are very painful but this cream reduces my pain from a 9 or 10 (for 0 – 10 scale where 10 is maximum pain and 0 is no pain) to 2 or even 0. It’s hard to find any cure that will lower the pain from my veins without surgery so I am very thankful for this cream. It’s made my life much easier.

  7. E Fischer

    My friend introduced me to this cream after I started having leg pain from running. I’m surprised at how good this cream is. Hirudoid Forte cream helped decrease my leg pain almost overnight and I use it for my sore legs and for my sprains. It really works and my sprains heal in less than half of the time it took without using this cream.

  8. A.

    My family has relied on Hirudoid Forte Cream for many years and we are very happy to find this store selling it in the US! The cream is the same one my son brought back from Germany when he went there study abroad and the one we bought here works great and is the real thing. Hope you always carry this wonderful cream.

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