Lasea liquid capsules 14ct with Silexan

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Natural relief for treating restlessness, settling anxious moods, calming inner unrest and racing thoughts and allows a better night’s sleep.

Size: 14 liquid capsules
Expiration Date: 2028

Manufacturer: Dr Willmar Schwabe GmbH
Formulation: liquid capsules
Active ingredient: Silexan®
Made in Germany

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Lasea® liquid capsules with high quality Silexan, brand new in original box.


What is Lasea®?
Lasea is a herbal medicine formulated to effectively treat restlessness that accompanies anxious moods, without making you feel tired or risking addiction. It’s natural relief for the worried mind. Lasea relies upon the effective power of medicinal lavender, which relieves symptoms such as inner unrest and spinning thoughts, and thus has a conspicuous effect on sleeping problems. And it only has to be taken once a day.

Lasea has the following benefits

– settles anxious moods

– calms inner unrest and racing thoughts

– allows a better night’s sleep

– safe and well-tolerated


How Lasea works:
The active natural agent in Lasea® is called Silexan®. It is obtained from a particular varietal of lavender and its efficacy in treating anxiety-related moods have been studied and confirmed in multiple clinical trials.

Silexan helps resolve anxious moods, calms inner unrest and spinning thoughts and thus contributes to a better night’s sleep. With its good tolerability, Silexan is effective without causing drowsiness or the risk of addiction.

How Lasea is different

Lasea influences the processing of stimuli in hyperactive nerve-cells and helps restore the balance of neurotransmitters. This helps reduce anxious moods, inner unrest and improve sleep quality without making you tired during the day. With its mode of action, Lasea acts differently than substances such as tranquillisers, sedatives and sleeping pills.

Lasea’s tolerability

When it comes to treating anxious moods, a drug’s good tolerability is every bit as important as its efficacy. Lasea features very good tolerability. Since it addresses the cause instead of the symptoms of sleeping problems, it can help you achieve a better night’s sleep without creating grogginess.

This makes Lasea distinctly different from sleeping pills or tranquilisers, which can have a negative impact on your day. Unlike many such drugs, Lasea poses no risk of addiction, even when taken over a longer period of time. No interactions with drugs or other substances have been reported with Lasea.

The effects of Lasea

As an approval herbal drug, Lasea has undergone extensive clinical studies to prove its efficacy and tolerability.

Gentle processing to create top quality

The narrow-leaved medicinal lavendar used to produce Silexan grows at sunny altitudes in the Mediterranean. Select plants are carefully harvested there on a very precise schedule, and they undergo a gentle distillation process on site. The quality of the active substances corresponds to the strict standards that the European Pharmacopoeia specifies for the production of lavendar oils. The raw materials selected and the manufacturing process also guarantee that the quality and the content of the active substance is standardised and remains consistently high from capsule to capsule.


How to use and warnings
How to take: Lasea is taken once a day and swallowed whole while drinking water. The recommended daily dose is one soft capsule. Some patients notice a lavendar scent after taking Lasea. In this case, we recommend taking Lasea with a glass of still water during a meal or directly before going to bed.

Please note: The onset of action can be expected after 1-2 weeks of treament.

– Lasea can also be taken for a longer period of time to treat anxious moods. If your anxiety does not show any improvement, grows worose or causes noticeable additional health problems, please see a doctor to discuss the situation.

– Do not use Lasea if you are hypersensitive or allergic to lavendar oil.

– as a general principle, administrating any pharmaceuticals within the first trimester of pregnancy should be carried out under strict indication and medical supervision.


Other specifics:
Manufacturer: Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG, GermanyMade in Germany

18 reviews for Lasea liquid capsules 14ct with Silexan

  1. Manuel Geiger

    This product helped me extremely well during a very stressful time in both my professional and private life. On the second intake day, I could clearly feel the effect.

  2. Michael Römer

    I’ve only been taking this product for a few days but I’ve noticed significant changes. I can sleep much better. Sometimes my negative thoughts are still there, but they won’t spin endlessly in my mind, as they did before. My mood is much more positive, the people in my environment notice that too. I have the feeling that there is not enough space left for negative thoughts and I’m fine with that.

  3. U. R.

    These lasea capsules have helped me in a very difficult phase of my life. They take a while to get their full effect, but after they start worked, they helped me very much. I took the tablets because I had severe panic attacks and I used them to bridge the time until I got a place with a psychotherapist. Well I want to mention that if one burps after taking the capsules, there will be a lavender flavor in the mouth. Personally, this has not bothered me.

  4. Bianca M.

    lasea is finally the solution for me. feeling calm and balanced after 1 1/2 weeks. Finally a remedy that really keeps its promise, sleep has also gotten much better.

  5. Janna Preis

    Lasea helps really well. I was recommended the product by my doctor because I have been suffering from severe fears for years. About 3 days after starting to take Lasea I already felt a significant improvement. I can only recommend Lasea to everyone!

  6. Nicole Heinz

    I’ve tried similar products. But I always come back to Lasea. I have no problems with the compatibility. Not even on an empty stomach. My anxiety is gone and my mood is much better. I can recommend this product to anyone before anyone reaches for chemical. Because I had that already because I was severely depressed. The side effects were terrible.

  7. Kerstin T

    I have been taking Lasea for one year every evening before my bath routine. The lavender flavor bothered me at first, but I got used to it. I can now fall asleep wonderfully and lie mostly only five to ten minutes awake until I fall asleep and almost always sleep through.

  8. Hans Werner

    I always take Lasea when there are stressful phases in my job. After taking for only a short time, I feel more relaxed, can sleep well and am relaxed. I have already recommended Lasea to my girlfriend. A great product!

  9. Monika M.

    Originally, I demanded a chemical sedative from my doctor because I suffer from severe stage fright (presentations, job interview). At first I was very skeptical. But Lasea, for me personally, is the holy grail.

  10. Nadine S.

    With excessive work stress, child care, this herbal product helps. The effect occurs after about 2 weeks, but you feel much more balanced afterwards.

  11. christa brinn

    I have been suffering from restlessness since I am menopausal. Even when falling asleep, I had problems.

    Ever since I take Lasea, I feel much more balanced and calmer. I no longer have problems falling asleep.

  12. Anne Berg

    I’ve been suffering for about 18 years of a fear and panic disorder. I’ve tried chemical stuff and had bad side effects. I was introduced to Lasea 2 years ago. Since taking Lasea, I have to say that there is barely any restlessness inside. I’ve had no more panic attacks and hardly any anxiety. I had a heart attack 2 years ago at 37, which made everything worse, but thanks to Lasea, I can sleep very well and feel much more relaxed.

  13. Cassandra

    Thanks to a colleague and her tip, I always go to Lasea for good support on restless nights during menopause. I sleep well and all through the night. It helps me with my fear of planes, so that I can even doze during a flight. it’s good help

  14. Susanna

    I’m usually very skeptical of natural medicine/products. However, I’ve been taking Lasea for several weeks and am very pleasantly surprised. Although the fears are not completely gone, but I notice a clear serenity and balance. I have also given Lasea to my husband – he has since also become relaxed and less irritable.

  15. Monika Kordyaka

    I came across Lasea by chance and I have to say it helps me a lot. The lavender flavor when burping is gone or low if you take Lasea during or after your meal.

  16. Elke Schmidt

    My mother (82) has been taking Lasea for a few weeks and tells me that she doesn’t stay awake at night anymore and falls asleep much faster. She is excited! As she now sleeps instead of pondering, she also has a better mood during the day and is more enthusiastic. She hasn’t noticed any side effects (such as belching).

  17. Natalie Stöckl

    I had initially bought just one pack, because I wanted to test the effect and compatibility first. After just a few days, it showed such a positive effect that I ordered more. There is a lavender taste that stays with me when I take the capsule in the evening, about one hour before going to bed. It might be better taken with a meal.

    After only a few days I fell asleep much better and also for a longer time. Since I’m in menopause, this is often very difficult. Thanks to Lasea I was able to achieve a big improvement here. What I love the most is the effect on my nervousness. I have become much more resilient, not so annoyed so quickly and above all I have my old, positive mood back. For me, these capsules just recovered the quality of my life.

  18. Edith H.

    Got Lasea recommended by my family doctor. Never had medicinal lavender before. I felt the effects quickly. I take Lasea once in the evening. In my professional life, it helps me stay relaxed and calm in stressful situations.

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